“The EGS GlobalTeam™ 4/29/2020


Our U.S. based Team has living experience in 18 countries and working business experience in 60+ countries. Our GlobalTeam™ on the ground covering 40 countries provides international expertise, market research, management consulting and in-country operations support.



The EGS GlobalTeam™ provides:

In-country Compliance Audits & Controls – Regular visits to a U.S. company’s in-country units performing on-site inspections, with detailed reporting.

In-country Mystery Shopper – Personal visits to the brand’s local units, with a detailed report covering all aspects of the shopping experience.

In-country Emergency Solutions – An in-depth review of the local partner’s business operation with recommendations of options to restore profitability.

Country Market Research – Competitor analysis, political, regulatory and economic analysis

Feel free to reach out to Bill Edwards, CEO of Edwards Global Services, Inc., (EGS) to ask questions or share best practices at +1 949 375 1896 or bedwards@edwardsglobal.com.