Why Companies Choose EGS to Take Them Global

Edwards Global Services (EGS) offers a unique combination of experience, processes, network, tools and brand representation that makes taking your U.S. company global easier and more successful, from start to finish.

“Success” means the maximum number of units per country with the maximum resulting royalties for our franchisor Clients.


EGS’ U.S.-based executives have lived in 13 countries and have 100+ years of international executive operating experience in over 60 countries, across many business sectors and cultures.


Our processes are defined, proven, and trademarked, and our team is Return On Investment (ROI) focused so that you are successful earlier and for the long-term.


Our in-country network of proven and trusted associates covering more than 30 countries gives your company the best chance for success.

Proven, Trademarked
Going Global Tools

Trademarked tools – GlobalAssess™, GlobalPlan™, GlobalVue™, GlobalTeam™, GlobalProfile™ and LicensePro™ – help determine the countries that are the best fit for your company and the best licensees for your profitability.

One Brand Per Sector – for Franchisors

We only work with one franchise brand in a sector at a time.

Let us know how we can be of service.

Our team is happy to answer your questions. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on how best to take your franchise global.

Trust and Estate Planning

Our clients are building legacies. We listen closely to your goals and deliver strategies designed for prosperity today and sustainability tomorrow.