GlobalVue™ September 2020 – Projecting 2021 Recovery

Since 2001, William Edwards has published the EGS GlobalVue™ country ranking analysis quarterly based on recent activities in countries, feedback from the in-country EGS GlobalTeam™ covering 43 countries and a continuous review of 40+ international information sources.

The September 2020 GlobalVue™ chart projects how countries will come out of the COVID-91 crisis in 2021.

A downloadable full version PDF covering 40 countries in the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle and Near East can be found at this link:

Key to 2021 economic recovery are the projected 2021 Gross Domestic Product growth, political and economic stability or lack thereof and the projected recovery from the pandemic. Of course, there is a high degree of uncertainty today especially as to the timing of a vaccine and political challenges in key countries.

Here are a few countries that are key to obtaining the OECD 5% GDP growth projection for the world in 2021.

Australia Mixed pandemic outcome, moderate 2021 growth
Brazil Challenging pandemic outcome, improving economy
Chile Mixed pandemic status, economy will grow in 2021
China Swift virus recovery, dual economy will have different 2021s
Germany Controlling pandemic, may see 2021 government change
India Huge pandemic impact, chaotic government response
Italy Controlling pandemic, steps being taken on economy
Mexico Poor pandemic response, anti-business government
Peru Poor pandemic response, elections due soon
Taiwan Positive virus control, expanding economy, China (?)
Philippines Negative government pandemic management
South Africa High unemployment, low new investment, corruption
Spain Mixed pandemic response, but strong basic economy
Thailand Pandemic tourism hit limits 2021 economic growth
Turkey Democracy iffy, economy limping along
United Kingdom Mixed pandemic management results and BREXIT
Vietnam Tight virus control, offshoring from China impact