EGS is the International Extra Strength Pain Reliever for Franchisors

EGS is the International Extra Strength Pain Reliever for Franchisors

Our company is best known for helping franchisors find, qualify and sign international licensees.

But, we also provide franchisors with international operations support such as new licensee startup, licensee compliance and audits in country.  Additionally, we can assist in fixing, terminating when necessary and even replacing international licensees.

Research indicates that up to 40% of all international licensees of franchisors do not reach their development commitments resulting in lower royalties for franchisors.

We provide the only complete International Operations and Development Solution for Franchisors.

In effect, we are the International Extra Strength Pain Reliever for Franchisors!!!

From the initial global market research and country prioritization, to developing new international markets and providing operational support around the world, EGS offers the complete solution based on:

  • Experience as Franchisors, International Licensees, Franchisees and Consultants working with 30+ U.S. franchise brands across 40 countries
  • Knowledge across Food & Beverage, Retail and Service sectors and diverse cultures
  • An operations and development team in over 40 countries experienced in finding, qualifying, signing, starting up, growing and fixing intentional licensees
  • Processes and services based on decades of problem-solving experience

Global Franchise Development

  • International Development Services – Identify the best countries for a specific brand and then find, qualify and sign the most qualified international licensees. EGS provides this service on a global or regional basis, managing the Going Global process for our U.S. franchise Clients.
  • GlobalAssess™ – Determines the readiness of a franchisor for going global and prioritizes markets around the world for their specific brand.
  • GlobalCheck™ – Candidate vetting and background check service confirms the history and credibility of a potential international licensee company or individual.
  • GlobalData™ – EGS’ database of international licensees, potential licensee candidates and multi-brand franchise companies to assist in finding licensees for our Clients.
  • LicensePro™ – Defines the average unit revenues & expenses in a specific country for both the licensee and franchisor and projects Going Global revenue and expense over time.

Global Franchise Operations

  • International Operations Services – Franchisor in-country operational support including new licensee startup, site selection, menu development, supply chain development, international licensee reviews, compliance, audits and resolving operational challenges.
  • Operation Fixit™ – Fixing, upgrading, terminating when necessary and then replacing international licensees.

International Market Research – EGS conducts country and sector specific research using our GlobalTeam™, in-country sources, international publications, EGS analysis, global databases and websites to generate cultural adaptation, sector and brand market research reports.

International Consulting Services – One-on-one consultation with the world’s foremost experts in global franchising.

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