Our company is expanding our customer base

After 15 years focusing on exporting U.S. franchise companies, EGS is expanding our portfolio to include market research, trend analysis, and project management for rapidly growing companies in other sectors and countries with companies who are seeking to increase stakeholder value by going global. We are taking on an increased role with private equity companies seeking to acquire franchise brands or evaluate the global potential of those they already own.

Our U.S.-based team has lived in 15 countries and worked on projects in more than 70 countries. Our GlobalTeam™ is based in 40+ countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We have hands-on experience operating companies in other countries.

Our Trademarked Business Tools Apply Across Many Business Sectors

GlobalVue™ – economic, political and operations country analysis 
GlobalSurvey™- brand country priority analysis
LicensePro™ – brand country financial and development modeling
GlobalAssess™ – define a company’s readiness to go global and prioritize countries

Our Specialties

  • Business and personal country culture analysis
  • International project planning, development and management
  • Operations support and monitoring in-country
  • Licensee and partner identification, evaluation and negotiation services
  • Brand and business sector analysis by country and region
  • Supply chain resources and analysis
  • Company due diligence and analysis
  • Global business, economic and political research, and analysis
  • F&B, retail, fitness, oil and gas, and service sector experience
  • Franchise evaluation for private equity groups
  • Evaluation of a company’s global potential based on proven processes

For further information on how we might help your company realize its full global potential, contact William Edwards on +1 949 224 3896 or at bedwards@edwardsglobal.com.