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Edwards Global Services (EGS) offers a unique combination of experience, processes, network tools and brand representation that makes taking your U.S. company global easier and more successful – from start to finish.

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Why Do Businesses Choose EGS?

With an impressive 50 years of in-depth and effective corporate development experience across multiple industries spanning virtually every corner of the world, William ‘Bill’ Edwards—international business expert, speaker, consultant and CEO of EGS—understands the global business landscape like no other.  

Bill Edwards and his knowledgeable EGS GlobalTeam™, comprised of professionals with vast international business development skills with boots on the ground in 30+ countries, have a constant finger on the pulse of the latest global market research and insights, making them uniquely qualified to successfully steer executives through the navigating the complexities of going global. 

Experience & Expertise

EGS’ U.S.-based executives have lived in 13 countries and have 100+ years of international executive operating experience in over 60 countries, across many business sectors and cultures. Our U.S.-based executive team has lived in 13 countries and worked in 50+ countries, and we currently have associated on the ground in 40 countries to provide international marketing expertise and deep business insights. 

EGS is known for its extensive global socio-economic and cultural knowledge, rich country research and insightful international business news updates.

Proprietary Step-by-Step Process

EGS has developed and trademarked a proven, step-by-step process for international development projects across all industries. This process encompasses 3 steps: 

  • Step 1 – GlobalAssess™ – Assessment of International Potential and Readiness 
  • Step 2 – Step 2 – Creation of International Business Plan 
  • Step 3 – Implementation of the International Plan 

Go Global Services

EGS offers a range of professional international business expansion services including: 

  • GlobalAssess™ Report – designed to define the readiness of a company’s ability to “Go Global”, as well as the priority countries for the specific service or product 
  • GlobalEvents – targeted market development events organized annually in ten or more countries 
  • GlobalResearch™ – designed to identify the potential of a specific business sector client 
  • Customized International Research Reports – a tailored service delivering specific market research in response to a company’s core objectives and needs 
  • GlobalVue™ – a quarterly report developed exclusively by EGS that ranks 40 different countries across more than 10 different business parameters re: the best places to expand organizational footprints  
  • International Consulting Services – strategic planning which applies the experience and knowledge of the entire EGS GlobalTeam™ 


Working With Franchises

EGS provides the following in-country services to maximize the productivity and success of franchisors’ global partners: 

  • Assist with initial in-country startup, training and site selection 
  • In-country mystery shopper services for licensee-operated units 
  • In-country compliance audits 
  • Monitoring in-country operations and development commitments 


EGS only works with one franchise brand at a time in any given sector, dedicating all of its resources to the successful international expansion of each brand. Another offering for franchisors is LicensePro™, a proprietary tool that defines the unit, licensee and franchisor client brand revenues and expenses for a specific or example country—targeting the first 5 to 10 years of operation of the country license. 

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