What We Do

Edwards Global Services, Inc. (EGS) provides a complete International solution for U.S. Franchisors. 

From the initial global market research and country prioritization, to developing new international markets and providing operational support around the world based on: 

  1. Experience as Franchisors, International Licensees, Franchisees and Consultants working with 30+ U.S. franchise brands across 40 countries;
  2. Knowledge across education, Food & Beverage, Retail and Service sectors and diverse cultures;
  3. An operations and development team covering over 40 countries experienced in identifying, qualifying, signing, starting up, growing and fixing intentional licensees; and
  4. Trademarked processes and services based on decades of problem-solving experience

We have received the prestigious U.S. President’s Award for Export Excellence twice. EGS has a track record of success taking more than 30 diverse US brands into over 35 countries with the best ROI potential for their specific brand.

Our U.S. based executive team has living experience in 18 countries and working business experience in 60+ countries. Our Associate network on the ground covers 40 countries and provides international expertise and franchise sector experience. EGS is also known for our extensive country, cultural and sector research and publications. 

EGS is the international extra strength pain reliever for U.S. Franchisors worldwide.