EGS International Services

Global Data
EGS’ database of past international licensees, candidates and multi franchise companies in to identify and develop licensee candidates for new and current Clients.

EGS has 18 years of international market events and Client licensee information that are in a database that can be searched by sector and country. A detailed analysis of all past Client marketing event trip reports and all companies who have signed license agreements with EGS Clients has resulted in this value-added database.

The GlobalAssess™ report is designed to define the readiness of a franchise to Go Global as well as the priority countries for the specific franchise band and sector. EGS make use of the local market and franchise knowledge of our in-country Associates to define the country specific potential of a brand. EGS Team members create a GlobalSurvey™ based on the Associates’ feedback that identifies the priority countries based on projected ROI for the specific franchise brand. EGS US Team members use their collective franchisor, franchisee and consulting knowledge to define the level of readiness to Go Global for a specific franchise and what needs to be done to enable the franchise to be fully prepared to train and support international licensees.

This vetting and background review service will confirm the history, reputation and credibility of a potential international licensee company or individual. A comprehensive appraisal of the company’s ownership, executives, and reputation in the international marketplace; including bank references and contacts with business chambers and government regulators, as well as contacts with current customers or employers.

EGS works with its in-country partners to organize targeted franchise marketing events worldwide. These programs are shared cost programs with the event expenses being shared among the participating franchise companies. GlobalEvents™ are events that are coordinated and managed by EGS to 10 +/- countries each year where franchise development is strong.

GlobalResearch™ is designed to define the potential of a specific business sector for US franchisors. It is done as part of the GlobalAssess™ service but can also be done as a standalone project.

Examples of this research are the global senior care, pet care, beauty and food and beverage sector research done for companies in the past 12 months.

LicensePro™ defines the unit, licensee and franchisor Client brand revenues and expenses for a specific or example country for the first 5 to 10 years of operation of country license. It addressees either an area license or master franchise model.

The basic version can be expanded to include a 5-year projection of licensee development for a new Client, showing all revenue and expense categories of start in up and growing an international development program over time. Expected, pessimistic and upside 5-year models are developed.

Customized International Research Reports
EGS provides a customized service delivering specific market research in response to a franchisor’s informational objectives and needs. EGS will use its GlobalTeam™, as well as a variety of in-country sources and websites, to generate this market research report.

GlobalVue™ assists U.S. Franchisors in deciding where to take their company international, Edwards Global Services, Inc. has developed GlobalVue™ – a tool that ranks over 50 different countries in more than 10 different business parameters, as places to do business. Click on GlobalVue™

International Consulting Services
International Consulting Services applies the experience and knowledge of the entire 43 country EGS GlobalTeam™ including our most senior executives that are available to our Clients for specific projects and analysis. Strategic planning is a specialty of our senior Team members.