EGS “Going Global” Process

EGS has developed and has trademarked a detailed, proven, step-by-step process for international development projects that is not industry specific.

Step 1 – GlobalAssess™ – Assessment of International Potential and Readiness   

  • Assess the international readiness of Client’s internal systems, staff, training, support, Intranet and marketing programs 
  • Create a summary of the Client franchise business offering
  • Create a brand Differentiation Chart showing why Client will succeed globally
  • Develop a profile of the optimal Licensee and license terms – GlobalProfile™
  • Create an international slide presentation from Client internal slides
  • Identify and prioritize the best countries for a specific Client through testing with the EGS GlobalTeam™ on the ground and based on research – GlobalSurvey™
  • Develop a 10-year international operations and development projected budget

Step 2 – Create International Business Plan     

  • Assist with applying for trademarks for high potential countries, if requested
  • Define the development model that will work best for Client
  • Develop a Steps to Acquiring the Client international license document
  • Create/modify materials necessary to present Client operations, training, support and marketing resources as differentiators  
  • Develop a country pro forma unit, licensee and franchisor financial and development model – LicensePro™
  • Identify the legal agreements and franchise regulations for priority countries

Step 3 –  Implement the International Plan

  • Market Client in high priority international markets, leveraging EGS experience, EGS’ shared cost marketing events and on-the-ground Associates
  • Process international Licensee leads from all sources 
  • Identify, qualify, evaluate and conduct due diligence on licensee candidates
  • Update priorities as market conditions change
  • Assist in drafting, negotiating and signing Licensee agreements
  • Provide biweekly project progress reports, provide timely marketing event reports
  • Meet quarterly with Client management

Step 4 – Start-up, Grow and Manage In-Country Operations

  • Assist with initial in-country startup, training and site selection
  • In-country Mystery Shopper services for licensee operated units
  • In-country compliance audits
  • Monitoring on-going global operations and development commitments
  • In-country emergency solutions – 3rd party licensee evaluations, terminations and replacements


For the details of our 4 Step Process and how this tool can help you realize the global potential of your business, contact us.