EGS “Going Global” Tools

Global Plan™
A carefully thought out assessment, market entry, and resource needs plan for entering the right international markets at the right time, using the most cost-effective in-market resources and doing business with the right international partners.

How countries rank as places to do business specifically for your businesses – the priority countries for international growth based on surveys, plus constant literature and on-the-ground research.

A team of more than 32 highly experienced, proven US and international Associates in key international markets available to you on a cost effective, EGS managed, ‘as needed’ project basis.

What type of markets should a company enter and with what type of companies as licensees, joint venture partners or distributors.

Detailed quarterly survey and analysis of key countries for EGS Clients using our GlobalTeam™, country reports and a wide variety of international sources.

A Client specific, detailed 5-year financial and development model that defines successful country entry at several levels with an acceptable rate of return for all parties.